[Event] New member Air-drop event

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Hello, this is Sirex, an easy investment platform.

Sirex is launching event which air-drop Adward(ADW), worth equivalent to 5 USD for 3,000 newly registered member, with first come first served basis.

Additionally, we will give random picked 100 member Adward(ADW), worth equivalent to 50 USD.

Sign up in 5 minutes~ Airdrop 5 USD! And 50 USD more?

Event period

16th(Mon), December 2019 ~ 15th (Wed), January 2020

Event contents

[ EVENT 1. ADW air-drop for new member]

- New member will receive Adward(ADW), worth equivalent to 5 USD, if google OTP authentication completed.

[ Event 2. Additional air-drop for random 100 member]

- Random picked 100 member will receive Adward(ADW), worth equivalent to 50 USD

How to participate

- Newly sign-up, and google OTP authentication. And then completed!

ADW payment date

- 31th (Fri), January 2020

Payment method

- Pay to Sirex personal account

Sirex community

Kakao :

Telegram :

::: Notice :::

- Adward(ADW) payment date can be earlier than announced date, and it can be different for each member.

- If you are already registered, you can’t participate this event.

- You can participate this event only if your registration date belong to the event period.

- If you participate by fraudulent, deceiving, and other inappropriate methods, you can be excluded for the event

Contact us

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- Customer center contact go to>>